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The FOS - Redirect dynamic action plug-in is an easy and declarative way to redirect to another page, URL, or open a modal dialog.

You have the ability to redirect to a static URL (with substitutions) or a URL that is returned from a PL/SQL Expression.

Additionally you can submit page items and update their session state prior to the URL redirect and optionally execute some PL/SQL Code. The URL will be recomputed on the server when doing this. If you are using session state protection it will return the URL with updated checksums.


Basic URL Redirect

This is an example showing you a basic URL redirect using both a static URL or one derived from a PL/SQL Expression.

Note: the "Substituted URL" will redirect you to the home page of this application as we are using &HOME_LINK. as the URL value.

Updating Session State & Executing PL/SQL

There are some circumstances when you want to submit one or more page items on the page to recompute the URL, which may have a checksum. You may also want to execute some PLSQL as you may need to perform some additional logic, either to update the URL or before the redirect is issued.

Redirecting to/within a Modal Dialog

Using this dynamic action, you can perform the following actions with modal dialog pages:

  1. Open a modal dialog page
  2. Redirect within a dialog page to another dialog page
  3. Redirect the parent page from within the dialog page

Note: we have added a notification on the "Dialog Closed" event when the "Close" button is clicked within the dialog.

Opening a New Browser Tab/Window

An added flexibility with this plug-in is that instead of redirecting the current page to a new URL, you can optionally choose to open the new URL in a new browser tab/window (depending upon the browsers behaviour of for example:

PL/SQL Errors

What happens when an exception is raised in PL/SQL? An error message will be shown by default and the plug-in will trigger an event allowing you to perform some other action. Click on the button below to see an example of the default error message and a custom notification which listens to the "FOS - Redirect - Error" event.


You can preview the plug-in setup as you would see it in page designer. You can either do this by clicking this button in the top right corner of each example, or you can see all the examples together in the region below.

Looking at the examples you'll see just how easy the plug-in is to use. Don't worry about changing any values as they aren't saved. We actually encourage you to change them, so you can see the behaviour of the attributes and their help text.


  • When would I use a redirect over a submit action?

    The purpose of a redirect is like a shortcut/branch to another page/url that avoids any processing or validation. It can simplify how you design the processing of the page allowing you to have less conditions on your processes whilst still allowing you to execute some PLSQL if you wish.