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This plug-in offers the classic Rich Text Editor functionality we're all used to in APEX with minor differences such as a newer refreshed theme.

Starting in APEX 20.2, the APEX RTE has been upgraded to CKEditor5, which is a complete rewrite of the widget, its API is incompatible with the old version, and notably lacks certain features such as the View Source mode. This plug-in is for those who rely heavily on the features of CKE4 which are not yet part of CKE5.

It is generally recommended to upgrade to CKE5 and use the native APEX RTE. If that's not possible for your business case, you can use this plug-in instead. Officially, CKEditor4 will still be supported by its creators until 2023.

This plug-in is almost identical to the classic Rich Text Editor of APEX, so it can be a drop-in replacement for APEX 20.2 and above.

The main differences are:

  • The default theme is now the newer "Moono-Lisa" which offers a more modern, flat design.
  • The library is loaded from the official CKEditor CDN, but you can also host it yourself, and reference the path in a Component Setting.
  • The editor's width is now responsive via CSS, not JavaScript, which removes jittering when resizing.


The editor with the toolbar set to Full.


  • How can I configure the editor's height to adapt to its content?

    Set the JavaScript Initialization Code attribute of the editor to:

        options.extraPlugins += ',autogrow';
        options.autoGrow_minHeight = 250;
        options.autoGrow_maxHeight = 600;
        return options;